Pastor Edwina Rolle

Pastor Edwina Rolle

Under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Neil C. Ellis, since 1990, Edwina Rolle has served as a Choir Director at the Mt. Tabor Church in Pinewood Gardens.

Pastor Rolle started out as a mere choir member with a passion for singing and music, and sometime during the early ‘90s when a rare talent was seen in her, she was given a new role as a Director for the Mt. Tabor Church Mass Choir. From youth choir member, to youth choir director, section leader, soloist, assistant mass choir director, member of the Praise team, Praise team leader, acting Director of Choirs, Director of Choirs, Deputy Minister of Music, Minister of Music, to now, Pastor of Music.

Pastor Rolle has been the lead Choir Director at Mt. Tabor Church for twenty-three years, and she has worked with artists such as Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Min. Byron Cage, Kirk Franklin, Pastor William Murphy III, Bebe Winans, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Min. Judith McAllister, and others. Her aim is to build on the seeds that have been planted, and to see choir members from all around go to another level in their musical abilities.

Her passion for music and making every moment count, makes her more determined to take Choir members to a place where the glory of God is ushered in on a more frequent basis with the gifts He’s given to them. She spends most of her days listening to new music and refining old songs that the mothers of the church used to sing, and her heart for order makes her a stern choir director, but the results of which make for a disciplined choir who can ‘sang’.

Born in Bimini, Pastor Rolle believes that someone’s birthplace never determines where God is trying to take them. As a little girl in Bimini, she never one day dreamt she would be directing one of the largest choirs in Nassau, Bahamas with worldwide acknowledgement. She is forever “Grateful” that God chose her to be a part of His big plan. She is currently employed at Mt. Tabor Church as the fulltime Pastor of Music, Worship & Arts, and she also serves as the International Director of Choirs for Global United Fellowship. Determined not to hide her talent like the servant in the ‘Parable of the Talents’, Pastor Rolle is dedicated to the empowering of young directors, and choir members alike who want to refine that which God has given them, and she firmly believes that a legacy of music will tell her story, because music is what God gave her, like he gave David the skill to play, and she plans to give it back to Him every opportunity she gets.