Interim Senior Pastor

Dr Delton Ellis is the CEO of Keepers of the Temple Ministries International, a ministry dedicated to training Leaders and Ministry of HELPs volunteers  to serve with an Excellent Spirit.  He has conducted numerous Workshops and Seminars on Ministry of Helps, Leadership, Church and Government Protocol , Excellence, Commitment, Vision and other subjects both in the Bahamas and Internationally.  He currently serves the Executive Director of Events and Planning for Global United Fellowship.

For 24 years, Pastor Delton Ellis served as the First Assistant to Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Senior Pastor of Mount Tabor Church, one of the largest Churches in The Bahamas where he help to give oversight to 35 full time members of staff and a 120 member volunteer team until his retirement in January 2018. Pastor Ellis is also a former School Board Chairman for The Cleveland Eneas Primary School, a former Board of Director member of The National Insurance Board and a former Board of Director member  for  The Bridge Authority of The Bahamas.

Pastor Delton Ellis is also an MCC (Master Cruise Counsellor ) with The Cruise Line International Association, a Certified Cruise Consulant and CEO of Keepers Travel International, an international travel company providing guided tours through the Holy Land, European, Greek Islands and Medetterian Cruises and other countries. Dr Ellis is also a Consultant with Keepers Training and Consultants and IBP Consultants providing training and consultanting services in The Public and Corporate Arena ( Leadership Development,Supervisory Management, National and International Protocal and Business Diplomacy and Acheving Excellence in Customer Service)

Pastor Ellis holds a Doctorate  Degree in Ministry and Covenant Leadership from New Covenant University, and Masters Degree in Christian Leadership and Organizational Management from New Covenant University. He also holds certificates from the Institute for Thinking Development (Creative Thinking), The Possibility Institute of John Maxwell (The Laws of Leadership), The University of Miami School of Business Administration Executive Education Program (Creative Thinking and Innovative Strategy, JMAR Management Training (Event Management and Protocol for the Military and Government) and the Trinity School of Continuing Studies (Premarital Counseling), is a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and a member of Protocol and Diplomacy International/Protocol Officers Association of America (PDI/POA). He served for 10 years as General Overseer of Armorbearers for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

Pastor Ellis has Conducted more the 400 workshops and seminars over the last 24 years and has assisted more 150 churches and have had the pleasure of helping to train more 5000 plus church workers in The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and The United States of America . 

In 2020 Pastor Delton on the invitation on Globus Travel and The Ministry  of Tourism for The Kingdom of Jordan went on a Fact Finding Mission with a group of Travel Advisors in and effort to help promote that Country.  On his return the Pandemic break out and travel was bought to a halt. While at home and after a few times of online prayer  the Lord begin to speak him and laid a burden on him to lead , pray with and cover people in prayer. Out of that came Prayer Watch 5.0 with online prayer at 5 am three time a week. 

The Pandemic cause a lot of persons to lose their jobs and as result many grew hungry . Pastor Ellis was then led to feed a 100 persons with groceries. The hear of the people was so move to give an assist the community that Pastor Ellis was able to do so much more. Prayer Watch5.0 was able to feed, Taxi Drivers, Straw Vendors, Beautician, self employed person in Nassau, Grand Bahama , Bimini , Exuma and Eleuthera.  Because of the longevity of the Pandemic Pastor and Keepers Prayer Watch 5.0 was lead to do much more. More than 8000 bags of groceries and Food vouchers, 10,000 hot meals , 7000 toys for kids, Back to school items have been distributed in Nassau and 7 other Islands in the and in 4 states in The United States and Honduras. Pastor Ellis was also able to go back to the land of his birth , Bimini and Patterned Prayer Watch 5.0 and other descendants of Bimini for a week and feed 3 breakfast and 2 lunches to all the Sr citizens, one case of water and a bag of fruits . During that same week we also able to feed all 92 Government employees on the Island and fun day for a little over 300 kids on the Island 

Over the last decade Pastor Ellis has assisted many persons after hurricane disasters in the Bahamas . During the last and devastating Hurricane Dorian , Pastor was able to mobilized a warehouse in Florida and collected items from Pastors and friends all over America and was able to more than 20 Pallets of Goods to Abaco and Freeport. Anytime there is a major crises, Pastor seems to rise to the occasion. Three months into the Pandemic and after the death of his brother and sister in law , Pastor David and Elder Elmyra  Ellis, Pastor Delton was summons to oversee the work at Freewill Christian Center and assisted that Church and Community until a Sr Pastor was put in place. During this time at the church , they held their first Turkey giveaway in the community, started a Children Christmas Toy drive and Community out reach program. 

In 2022 Pastor Ellis and Prayer Watch 5.0 partnered with Pastor France George and Heritage Missionary Baptist and together they were able assist 7 communities in Nassau one each months with hot breakfast for 300 people, in August that same year thy gave out 500 bags with School supplies in Nassau, Exuma and Eleuthera.  That November during the Thanksgiving week a major festival was help on Saxon Park where, Clothing for 500, toys for 200 kids, household items and 1000 hot meals was distributed. 

In 2022 Pastor Ellis and keepers Prayers Watch 5.0 was able to distribute more 41,000 bottles of water , water is a symbol of life and this was as the Lord to help break the spirit of death during the Pandemic . 

During the summer of 2022 Pastor Ellis and Keepers Prayer Watch 5.0 Partnered with Pastor Delly Sand and the People of Remnant Outreach Ministry in the Oldest City in The USA , St Augustine Florida, where more than 200 boxes of Groceries and  200 case of water was distributed in the inner city . 

As a result of the partnerships with Remnant Outreach Ministry they was instrumental in securing a 40 ft container of Cleaning and Sanitizing supplies, where Pastor Ellis was able to get them into the hands of 30 Churches in The USA an more than 30 Churches,  charities and Organizations in  The Bahamas . Over the last three Decades Pastor Ellis has serve on many committees and Government Boards in our country and continues the People of God and in particular the People of the Bahamas 

Pastor Ellis is also the author of 6 books; Developing a Heart for Service (textbook and workbook), How to Make Your Dream Come Alive (textbook and workbook) and Preparing To Bear Arms: An Armorbearers Guide To Making Your Pastor Look Good (textbook and workbook). Dr Ellis and his beautiful wife Anna live in Nassau, Bahamas and are the proud parents of three daughters Delnika, Dalanna and Darnell.