Commissioner Robertha Murray heads the Commission of Youth and Children with a team of three Deputies; Dawnette Ferguson, Raquel Blackman and Felicia Archer. Judith Farquharson is tasked with the Administration of this dual-focused Commission. This Commission exists to bridge the proverbial gap between youth, children and The Church in all areas of their lives. 



Commissioner Robertha Murray:,

Deputy Dawnette Ferguson:,

Deputy Felicia Archer:


The Commission on Youth and Children’s 2020 Goal(s) include:

  1. 1. To support and drive the launch a nation-wide campaign to bring awareness to end texting and driving in collaboration with national stakeholders. 
  2. 2. Design and execute three (3) youth virtual events to drive home the message of Distracted Driving.
  3. 3. Create an interactive social media Campaign among teens to bring awareness to the dangers associated with texting and driving.
  4. 4. Design and launch social media around identifiable attributes such as “Be Kind” among Primary School learners to tackle the issue of bullying in all forms.
  5. 5. Design and implement a nationally focused virtual initiative to address the low self-esteem among children through a positive affirmation campaign called, “I am”.