The Education Commission exists to address the high level of illiteracy among the youth; who represent the future of our nation. Their goal is to spread the love of God by empowering  Young Person’s through education, thereby, helping them to discover their God-given purpose and live at their maximum potential. Commissioner Daenette Gardiner provides leadership for the team and is assisted by Deputy Katina Seymour and Administrator Cleola Mackey.



Commissioner Daenette Gardiner:

Deputy Katina Seymour:


The Commission on Education’s 2019 Goal(s) include:

  1. 1. The expansion of it’s “Literacy Ambassadors” Campaign to further recruit and equip volunteers with strategies to improve word solving, increase comprehension  and build confidence with the hope of ultimately changing lives.
  2. 2. Continue its work among young mothers through an infant stimulation program.
  3. 3. Support the work of the church through implementing reading materials that focus on identifiable attributes.
  4. 4. Support the Reading Mentoring Programs at selected schools.