In a Special Service of Celebration and Elevation, officers and members of The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Bahamas Region came together on Tuesday October 16th 2007 at Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church in Pinewood Gardens, to officially announce the transformation of the group from a Fellowship to the newest Religious Denomination in the Country.

It was some twenty years ago that the international organizations founder Bishop Paul S. Morton responded to the divine call and urgent leading of God to bring together Charismatic, Baptist Believers for the purpose of exposing to the world the fact that there were many saved, sanctified Baptists who were filled with the Holy Spirit and flowing in the gifts of the Spirit. This organization was given the name, The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and its mission was to provide a structure to which these Baptists believers could be connected and to provide a much needed means of fellowship for these churches and pastors, many of whom were beginning to believe that if they wanted to flow in the gifts of the Spirit they had to leave the Baptist Denomination. Bishop Morton’s mission: To Change a generation by building a new structure on an old foundation.

As God is a universal God and the work of His Kingdom transcends regions, there were scores of Bahamian Baptist churches and thousands of their members that were ripe and ready for such a movement, as they too were experiencing the infilling and mighty operations of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives. So when Bishop Morton was divinely led of the Lord to introduce the concept of this new movement to a group of church leaders here in The Bahamas, they seized the opportunity, certain that it was God himself confirming their modus operandi and providing them with a Fellowship that would connect them with like minded believers.



Nassau, N.P. August 19, 2013 – After 20 years of committed and dedicated service to the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, the Senior Pastor of Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church, Bishop Neil C. Ellis, formally resigned as 2nd Presiding bishop, and a member of the Bishop’s Council with immediate effect.


In a letter addressed to the International Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Ellis stated, “I am satisfied, after much prayer and reflection that the Holy Spirit is now leading me to bring this season of my life in the Fellowship to a close”.


Bishop Ellis expressed gratitude, “to Almighty God for guiding my hearthands and mind over the past 20 years as I have transitioned from role to role in our Fellowship and I wish to express gratitude to you for allowing me to serve.” He further recognized, the members of the Bishop’s Council, for the respect and cooperation extended to him particularly during the last 11 years while serving as 3rd and 2nd Presiding Bishop.


Mount Tabor’s Senior Pastor pronounced a blessing on “Bishop Morton and Lady Morton during your final years on the frontline of the Fellowship; may He be allowed to guide the hands and the work of the International Presiding Bishop-Elect and may God smile upon the future of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.”


The decision comes on the heels of a surprise move that shocked the international and local Christian communities, this past July at the Fellowship's international conference in Lousiville, Kentucky when Ellis pulled out of a two man race for the leadership of the Christian group in his words, “to avoid a possible division within the fellowship.” See reaction from the international community http://bit.ly/16YeB0U and

Bishop Morton will demit office in 2015.

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